The Good Ol’ First Post + Milani Sail Away

The first post is always so awkward, isn’t it? Well, maybe that’s because I am slightly terrified of putting my nails out in the public eye. Anyway, the short version of my nail story is this: I’ve been a nail biter for most of my life, and used Pinterest to get inspired to STOP biting. When showing off my progress to my grandma, she said, “Horrendous color,” and she totally inspired me to start this blog. You can see the longer version on the About page!

Before I quit biting, my nails had never reached the point where I couldn’t see skin if I was holding up my hands. Most of the time my cuticles were bleeding and dry, and my husband was quite repulsed by my hands, but I didn’t stop biting for him!

Now, the nails on my left hand are much weaker than the right, meaning I must have chewed the left hand more. My first three nails broke off on the corners, and then thanks to using a horrible nail file, I accidentally sawed right through the ring and pinkie finger nails. That said, my right hand looks pretty good!

Sad, isn’t it? I figure they will grow back…but it’s frustrating due to all of the hard work and patience it took to grow them out in the first place!

I am wearing Sail Away by Milani. I don’t usually gravitate toward such rich blue colors, but when I saw this on the shelf I thought it was totally unique and gorgeous! It’s a lovely royal blue with silver glitter throughout. This easily could have been a one-coater, but I used two coats and Seche Vite top coat. My husband was nice enough to buy this polish for me during a quick trip to Meijer! 🙂


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