OPI Miami Beet – Mattified

Oh, Miami Beet! This color definitely toyed with me for awhile, and for a purely STUPID reason. I saw it on the shelves of Meijer, and immediately fell in love with it. It’s a rich berry color from OPI’s South Beach collection from 2009, and it’s a color that is perfect for me. Unfortunately, most of the OPI bottles at all of my local Target and Meijer stores have gouges in the glass, like they were all scratched up against something. My guess is that whatever truck they arrived in had some kind of issue when they were packed together. Not a big deal, but I didn’t want to pay full price for a cosmetically flawed bottle…I think my husband is wearing off on me, because that is totally something he would do. Anyway…lo and behold, I found a pristine and unflawed bottle at the cosmetics counter of Younkers purely on a whim. Now that I’ve seen it on my nails, it is definitely on the favorites list.

Here it is in full sun, with no top coat. Although it is a little richer than it looks due to the sun, I am still impressed with how saturated it remains, even in the brightness of the outdoors. I decided to give it the matte treatment with Essie’s Matte About You top coat.

Here it is with the matte top coat. I like it, but think this look is better suited for fall and not spring. The state of my nails is quite pathetic right now. Once these breakage issues grow out, I am hoping they will look much better! I am just keeping in mind that they would look WAY worse if I was still biting them.


2 thoughts on “OPI Miami Beet – Mattified

  1. Love the color but not with the matte top coat. You sure buy a lot of nail polish….you better not ever go back to biting!!

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