Sally Hansen Hi-Definition – Hue

Awhile back, there was the big Rite-Aid frenzy on several beauty blogs where it was discovered that there was a huge 75% off sale happening on nail polish. That was the case in my neck of the woods, where Sally Hansen’s Hi-Definition polishes were all 75% off, making them just $1.24 each.

From what I’ve read, yellow is the most frustrating color of nail polish to apply well, since it tends to streak. I can’t say that I have much experience with this, but I did not have a problem with Sally Hansen’s Ultra HD in Hue. Not a fan of the name, but Hue is a gorgeous shade of pale yellow that is very easy to apply.

After I put this on, I was acting newly engaged or something, making my husband admire the color and of course asking, “Isn’t this color amazing?” every five minutes. It’s a metallic yellow/gold. To my eye, it’s more yellow than gold, but my husband thought it looked gold (and just for reference, he says that I have a better eye for color than he does).

Here it is in the shade. In true Michigan fashion, the sun came and went in the two minutes it took to take these shots. I’m looking forward to wearing this shade on my toes!


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