Zoya Beach & Surf Collection

Zoya’s summer 2012 collection, Beach & Surf, is so gorgeous. I’ve been drooling over the swatches on many nail blogs since Zoya released them online a week early (April 1st is the ‘official’ release date). I wish these came in minis, because there are so many pretty ones!

The big frontrunner according to the word on the street is Zuza, and what’s not to like about it? It’s described as an “aquamarine foil metallic”. I have a soft spot for the Reagan polish too, since that’s the name of my golden retriever, but the ones I really want are Zuza and Tracie, and I also like Meg. The only color in this collection that I would not wear is Carly, since I’m not big on purple.

Vampy Varnish has swatches of these up, as do many other nail/beauty blogs.

As I write this, there’s snow flying outside of my window. So much for the beach for now! 🙂


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