China Glaze Optical Illusion

I had a lovely day with my hubby yesterday. We went to see a Noel Gallagher show last night and left a little early to visit friends, go out for a quick dinner, and make a stop at my favorite beauty store: Ulta! We don’t have Ulta where we live, although one is opening soon, so it is a special treat. I like Ulta more than Sephora because it has cosmetics that range from low to high in price, whereas everything in Sephora tends to be pretty pricey. Since my birthday is in a couple weeks, my husband treated me to some goodies at Ulta, but that’s for another day. Instead, I’m going to show off the polish I wore to the concert!

Optical Illusion is from the new China Glaze Prismatic line. I have noticed that a lot of polish fanatics are buying all of the polishes in this line, since they are so pretty and sparkly, and unique, BUT the Wet ‘n’ Wild Be Jeweled polishes are very similar. I haven’t looked at them close enough to compare if there are any true dupes. The formula on this polish is a breeze, and I only used two coats.

While the official polish release date was April 2012, my local Sally Beauty had it available earlier, to my surprise. All of the polishes are gorgeous, but I liked this one the best. I have to say, it looked SO cool at the concert, especially when the strobe lights were flashing everywhere.


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