Butter London Slapper

As I mentioned yesterday, my sweet hubby spoiled me a bit at Ulta while we were out of town on Saturday. He is really into all things British, so he was very interested in the Butter London display, especially since the polish has fun names, many of which are British slang. Slapper is no different (which hubby believes means hooker, prostitute, or whore…something along those lines). Slapper is a very bright and vibrant turquoise color. He really liked this color and because he did, I was a little less indecisive over the display. This is from the Butter London 2012 spring collection.

This photo is in full sun, two coats, with a top coat of Seche Vite. Application on this polish was a breeze and it dried quickly. There are so many blue/turquoise colors out there, but this one doesn’t remind me of anything else. It’s has a little more green to it than it looks in these photos, but the color is definitely turquoise. Some have claimed it as comparable to OPI’s Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection, but that color is a more muted than Slapper, and has less green in it.

What cracks me up about this polish is how much my husband has been asking about it. He asked me three times if I was going to put this color on and when I finally did, he kept talking about how much he liked it. Honestly, I think the guy is relieved that I stopped biting my nails. He would always comment on how “painful” he thought my fingers looked (what made him say that?….the bloody cuticles??).

My nails are shaping up these days and the pesky broken nails on my left hand have finally grown out. I finally found a good length for them too. My nails are still pretty short, but I’ll never be a long nails person, but more of a medium-length type. I wear contacts and it has been an adjustment taking my eyes out at night!


8 thoughts on “Butter London Slapper

  1. oooh I really like this color! (again it’s ME not Gary) I need one like this for summer. ANd it’s a pervy name.

  2. […] Butter London is quickly moving to the top of the list as one of my favorite polish brands. They don’t have thousands of colors like others (yet), but I find their colors really unique, and you can’t beat the British slang names. Trout Pout is one of the colors from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, just like Slapper. […]

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