All About Orange!

With “tangerine tango” being named the color of the year, orange and various shades of orange have been all over the place. Tangerine tango is more coral than true orange to me, but I like orange in nearly any variation. I knew there was a reason I kept my bright orange purse from a few years ago!

Since it’s so beautiful out today, I felt like going for something bright and springy and orange. I also wanted a chance to use the bottle of Color Club Art Club lacquer that I have, but I wasn’t very daring when it comes to nail art. Mostly, I wanted to see how it applied. Now that I know how opaque it is, I may have to try my hand at some nail art. I am pretty artistic so I could probably come up with something. Anyway…the Wet ‘n’ Wild polish was only 69 cents at Walgreens and for the price, I was impressed with the application!

This is Wet ‘n’ Wild Sunny Side Up, two coats, no top coat, in the shade. It’s pretty glossy on its own. I see a lot of this polish happening once it warms up, especially on my toes. After I did this, I just painted a white stripe down the side of my nails with the Color Club polish, and added Sinful Colors in UFO on top.

Here is the finished product in the shade. I really like UFO! It’s a sheer jelly polish packed with glitter. Sinful Colors has a lot of wonderful shades, and it is one of the most affordable nail polish brands out there that is three free. While Sinful Colors retails for $1.99 at places like Target, Rite Aid, and Walgreens, I usually keep my eyes peeled for when they go on sale for just one dollar.

I’m thinking my grandma would vote a big NO WAY on this manicure, but I think it’s fun. 🙂



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