Zoya Tracie

I have a serious case of summer fever! The funny part about this is that I HATE hot weather. Anything between 35 and 70 degrees is the best temperature range. I don’t have a problem with colder than 35 either, but when it gets hot I can’t stand it. Lucky for me, I live in Michigan and it tends to be pretty mild in the summer. Anyway…I have Michigan summer fever, which includes days spent enjoying the Great Lakes (Superior being the best, of course). My mother-in-law even remarked that every time she sees me with a book, it has a beach on the cover! What can I say? The water is a huge part of my life. Anyway… Zoya Beach and Surf collection is quite beautiful and summery and I love it.

I have two polishes from this collection and decided to try out Tracie first. Zoya Tracie is described as:

Zoya Nail Polish in Tracie can be best described as: Faded, yellow-toned pistachio green with delicate silvery shimmer for a frosted pearl finish. Great for a fresh-looking twist on vintage avocado green.

It is a green polish with very super-fine glitter in it, and it reminds me of looking at murky seaweed. I really love this color!

Here it is indoors without flash, and in natural light. I wasn’t sure how this would look on me since it is a warmer green, but I thought it looked fine.

This is a pretty poor sunlight shot, but it will have to do. The application of this polish is very smooth and it was opaque in just two coats. After I had this on for awhile, I decided to layer it with China Glaze White Cap. I don’t have any photos, but I really loved that combination. White Cap really does look like sunshine reflections.

When I purchased this polish, I also got Zuza, the big front runner of this whole collection, thanks to Zoya’s new Share the Love program. My advice for buying Zoya is to wait for a good coupon. They seem to always have coupons, and now with the Share the Love program, people can earn points that they can redeem for different discounts that vary depending on the month.  If you wan to sign up through my link, that’s wonderful too, but I am not mentioning this program for that! I do think it is a good idea for Zoya, because their polish doesn’t seem to be highly accessible in person, and these days most businesses seem to be competing with different programs or rewards like this one. The Miss Holly Berries blog has a great explanation of this as well, including an interesting Earth Day promotion.

ANYWAY- I feel like I’m back to teaching business writing again with that little blurb! After trying out Tracie, I am very excited to wear Zuza!


6 thoughts on “Zoya Tracie

  1. I hate the heat too! I’m originally from MI but I live in San Francisco now. What part of MI do you live in? I’m from the Detroit area and the summers were super hot and humid there.

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