Butter London Trout Pout

Butter London is quickly moving to the top of the list as one of my favorite polish brands. They don’t have thousands of colors like others (yet), but I find their colors really unique, and you can’t beat the British slang names. Trout Pout is one of the colors from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, just like Slapper.

Here it is indoors. The screen does no justice with this shade. Butter London describes it as “An opaque shade of cantaloupe, a pale and retro lacquer.” It is truly one of the most unique pink colors I have ever seen. I can’t think of anything else like it!

Here it is outside, on an overcast day. It’s dark here today, so it looks darker in these photos. I am definitely not the only one having trouble capturing this color. A quick Google image search shows a huge variety of shades that depend on the lighting!

When I first saw this polish, I could not think of what the color reminded me of, but it seemed like I had seen it somewhere before. Then it dawned on me: geraniums! Not the red ones, hot the hot pink ones, not the white ones, but the pinky peachy geranium color that is rarely seen elsewhere. Like my other Butter London polishes, application was a dream.  I am wearing two coats plus Nubar Diamont top coat.


7 thoughts on “Butter London Trout Pout

  1. I LOVE the color and your nails are looking awesome! Way to go! Of course I love the name of the polish too…..just thinking summer, fishing at the camp!!

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