American Apparel Neon Green

I talked about neon previously, but I had the chance to break out my neon polish thanks to some gorgeous weekend weather. With my sister in town, another neon fan, I just had to wear American Apparel’s green neon polish. She is also a neon fan. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to put on a coat of white before the neon (a little tip I found on many nail blogs), but despite that, the application wasn’t a problem.

I guarantee this would not be a “grandma approved” polish. She would probably want to chop my fingers off if she saw this color! 😀 This is three coats, and there is still a slight bit of visible nail line, but I was fine with that.

Here it is in the bright sun! I got a bunch of compliments on this color over the weekend, and I loved how it looked on my hands.

In other neon news, now that summer is approaching, neon is everywhere, including this new Sinful Colors display I saw at Walgreens. This is a poor quality non-smartphone photo, but these neons are really gorgeous in person! I especially loved the orange and yellow. These look like new colors, including the pink one (which I thought was maybe 24/7, but it isn’t).



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