Deborah Lippmann Marquee Moon

Marquee Moon was my first Deborah Lippmann polish, and the only reason is because I found it for a steal on eBay. While I don’t doubt her polishes are worth the quality, her polish is expensive. That said, I fell in love with Marquee Moon despite seeing the hatred from some other nail bloggers out there. I like this polish for a few reasons: the randomness of the glitter, the name, and the color.

Here it is indoors with natural light. Application was very smooth and easy, at least to me. I find this polish incredibly romantic for some reason, even though “Marquee Moon” is song from the late 1970s by a band called Television and does not sound romantic whatsoever! In my mind, Marquee Moon is something dreamy from the 1920s. It’s funny how we randomly associate things, isn’t it? At least I do that.

Here it is outside in natural light. It’s so dreamy! Look at the glitter in the bottle! I love this color. I’m so happy I wasn’t disappointed in it!


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