Polish Haul!

This was definitely a week where I binged on polish, thanks to the .99 cent sale on Sinful Colors at Walgreens! I decided to do a haul post of the polishes I purchased recently thanks to the excellent sales going on!

Picture above, Sinful Colors:

  • Cream Pink – This is a neon with a hint of gold shimmer. I am so happy I picked this up, because the first time I didn’t see the shimmer in it.
  • Unicorn -Pastel yellow creme. This seems like the cheaper alternative to the Hello Kitty yellow polish that I liked, so I’ll take it!
  • Kissy -This is similar to Zoya’s Charla (which I did not notice until I got home!), but Kissy is a smidgen darker. This color is like a mermaid, and I LOVE mermaids so I am excited to wear it!
  • Secret Admirer- Black with silver shimmer throughout.
  • Nail Junkie – This one I am the most excited about because it is supposedly a dupe of China Glaze Atlantis, which is on my wish list. It’s just a gorgeous, glittery jelly polish. I am OBSESSED with jelly polishes right now.

Sally Beauty has had a buy two, get one free sale all month long. Since the month is ending I decided to stop by on a whim to see if they had one of the polishes I wanted, Fast Track from the Hunger Games collection. (Not a big Hunger Games fan, but the polish is good). I have a Sally Beauty rewards card so this polish was a steal with the Sally discount and the sale! Here’s what I picked out:

  • Fast Track – Taupe with gold shimmer. Natural, but with a kick.
  • Awakening -Apparently this is from the Halloween 2010 collection. I hate Halloween so that doesn’t thrill me, but this polish is really pretty! It’s a dark rose/mauve duochrome with flashes of gold.
  • Shower Together- A beautiful blue. This is different than the other blues that I have. It’s from the Eco Collection released awhile back.

These last three polishes are totally random ones I found along the way. When I was taking advantage of the Sinful Colors sale, I noticed a basket of clearance polishes, Sally Hansen Infinity Band was there for a couple dollars. Since I have been wanting a gold polish like this one, I decided to buy it after putting it back once! The pink Butter London polish is called Disco Biscuit, and it’s a gorgeous hot pink jelly with tiny bits of blue glitter.

The Maybelline polish was a totally unexpected purchase. I was just on a random errand and saw this polish on the shelf. Funnily enough, the night before I was reading about how unique and cool this polish is. Since it’s from the 2011 Fashion Week collection and limited edition, I figured whatever, it’s gone. Not the case, at least not at the Kmart I popped into! I walked by the makeup aisle, not even intending to stop, and it was sitting right there on the end cap with just one bottle left. It’s called Cool Couture and it is AMAZING. It’s a dark blue-gray with blue and green shimmer throughout.

I don’t know what one to try first!


4 thoughts on “Polish Haul!

  1. I’ve had Nail junkie for quite a while but I still haven’t worn it! It looks so pretty in the bottle though! I love the name. I keep picking up Kissy and then putting it back. I should probably just get it! And I almost got Unicorn last week because I could really use a pastel yellow since the one I have stained my nails. Let me know how the coverage is on that one. I need to stop buying polish!!

  2. I hit Walgreens up yesterday to…I think I need to go on nail polish diet bt walgreens n Sally’s this month I think I have picked up 15 plus bottles of polish, lol.

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