L’Oreal Now You Sea Me + Deborah Lippman Here Comes the Queen

Well…I gotta say, for how much I debated L’Oreal’s Now You Sea Me, it was kind of a let down. I debated whether or not I wanted this polish for quite some time, and am glad that I at least had a coupon for it! The color is stunning, but the polish itself is very watery. That said, it is a pretty color and I really like how it looked paired with Deborah Lippmann’s Here Comes the Queen, which was part of a Juicy Couture boxed set during the holidays. Now that the holidays are over, you can find that boxed set for a very affordable price on eBay!

Just a warning: my nails had some serious dryness issues this week and they are kind of ragged and raw in these photos, but I just had to show how pretty this color combination is! Also, I used Essie Matte About You and liked that additional effect.

Here they are outside, in natural light. I love the matte, and the gold flakes are gorgeous. Okay, I have to say that I DESPISE the word “flakies”…flakes is just fine by me!

Here’s a mega up close (okay, macro) shot of it. I really liked the effect and will probably do it again.

In other news, the OPI Spiderman polishes are available on Amazon from some sellers. I ordered Just Spotted the Lizard, as that’s the only color that really piqued my interest!


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