American Apparel Office

I am writing this as I mourn the loss of a nail on my right hand, and boy do I mean a big loss! I tore an entire nail off in almost one swoop this afternoon by opening a container in the garage. It’s actually quite tender and seems to be ripped down to the beginning of when I actually stopped biting! That means I have THREE nails gone from my right hand after ripping them on various things. Luckily, the thumb and middle finger are finally starting to grow back. Oh well…the important thing I DID NOT BITE!

Anyway, I have some American Apparel polish to show off today, in the shade called Office!

This polish is gorgeous and application is very smooth. I’m wearing two coats! Plus, it is affordable at $6, but when I bought my polish I had a coupon (of course I did!) so it was a little cheaper than that. Office is a beautiful minty green. I honestly debated this polish because I have quite a few green shades, but I can honestly say that this one is different than the others and is pretty unique. This shot is outside in natural light on an overcast day.

Here it is indoors. It looks a little more saturated here, but in real life is more consistent with the second photo. I really like American Apparel’s polish and definitely have some more shades on my wish list! Another thing I like about their polish is the shape of the bottle. I know that it doesn’t really matter overall, but I prefer the square bottles like Essie and Butter London, probably because they are easier to store.


6 thoughts on “American Apparel Office

  1. Ouch! Sounds painful. Maybe worth trying other tools for opening stuff rather than your nails. The color is very pretty. I never thought I would like green nail polish so much 😀

    • I was trying to open a huge bucket that I store my birdseed in…what happened is my hand slipped and my nail was just a victim in the whole process! 🙂 Anyway…I need to be more careful for sure!

  2. Your mom just showed me your blog. My 2 favorite polishes are Essie’s enuf is enuf and peach daiquiri. What do you think??? Like?

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