April Favorites

Since the month is winding down, I thought I would recap with my five favorite polishes of the month, two of which I have not written about here, but will. The winner this month is definitely Butter London!

I have to start out with Lillibet’s Jubilee, especially since Will and Kate’s wedding anniversary was yesterday! This polish is beautiful, goes on nicely, and is to commemorate a historical event to make it even better.

Trout Pout is next. I even have the matching lip gloss for this color. If you love Trout Pout but haven’t purchased it because of the price, it is definitely worth every penny for its uniqueness.

I haven’t written about this one yet, but since I wore it and have photos ready to go, it’s making my list. This is Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream. This polish is really something special!

I am always reaching for White Cap by China Glaze. I love this polish and it looks amazing over so many different colors, especially the summery polishes that are so popular right now. Every time I pick up a plain polish, I wonder how White Cap would look over it.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos is just one of those classic colors, and with summer on the horizon, I have been gravitating toward teal and turquoise hues. This polish combined with White Cap was definitely my favorite combination in April! 🙂


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