Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream

Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream is a polish I would file under “expensive but special” and thanks to a friend I of course had a coupon (I am so Midwest sometimes…). The moment I saw this polish, I fell in love with it. It looks very blue here, but it’s actually a seafoam green infused with some gold micro glitter and larger blue pieces of glitter. It’s a complex color!

It’s a lot more green in the product photo, and it really is very “mermaid.” The application is perfect and the polish lasts for a long time. Even though it has a lot of glitter, I didn’t find it too bumpy, but still used a top coat.

It looks really blue here as well. I think this is because of the lighting (indoors, natural light). Also, despite the glitter, I didn’t have much of a problem with removal. This polish is selling out fast and I have already seen some CRAZY prices on eBay. It is already sold out on HSN, but I got mine from Zappos.


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