Jelly Sandwich With Butter London and OPI

I am very excited to show off this special polish from Butter London! For Spring 2010, Butter London released three limited edition jelly polishes. Of course in 2012 they are basically impossible to find, but lucky for me I tracked down a bottle through the powers of Google and picked up Twee! I combined it with OPI Pirouette My Whistle from the NYC Ballet collection.

Twee is a pink jelly with a hint of sparkle. I did three layers of Twee, one layer of Pirouette My Whistle, and another layer of Twee on top.

Here it is in bright sun. In typical Butter London fashion, it was easy to apply and held up nicely. In other polish news, if you have a Burlington Coat Factory nearby, I highly recommend checking to see if they have any polish. I picked up the entire Take Wing collection by Color Club for a mere $8! Since each bottle sells for $4 at Meijer and $5 at Rite Aid, that is a major steal! They also had the Blossoming collection by Color Club, but I have a lot of similar colors. At first, I was not interested in Take Wing, but then I saw swatches and decided to get it since it was so affordable!


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