NYX Moonwalk + L’Oreal Raven’s Strength

These two polishes together ended up being a dreamy combination. L’Oreal Raven’s Strength is a limited edition polish that came out with the Project Runway collection in late 2011. This polish is GORGEOUS. It’s a very deep gray with some shimmer, but has a very creamy quality to it. NYX Moonbeam is comparable to Orly Androgynie, but I think the glitter might be more obvious in the NYX polish. I don’t have both though, so I’m just going by other swatches and what it looks like in the bottle!

The bright sunlight detracts from the steely quality of the finish, but I ended up seriously loving this combination!

The formula on this L’Oreal polish was a lot better than Now You Sea Me. It was also opaque in one coat, and then I used one coat of Moonwalk.


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