Essence You Belong to Me + Milani Jewel FX Gold

Essence’s You Belong To Me is probably one of the most famous Essence shades, since a lot of people feel it is a good Tiffany blue shade, and this is always a popular color. From what I’ve read, the actual shade of blue is under some kind of copyright and legally can’t be reproduced. Anyway, I decided to pair this shade with something very bold: the huge glitters in Milani Jewel FX polish!

I actually like this combination a lot! The blue is nice and soft, and the gold gives it a cute pop. Plus, I like these colors together.

In the sun, this big glitter gives off a wonderful sparkle. I LOVE this huge glitter!

For such a chunky glitter, it is easy to apply. I used two coats of Essence and one coat of the glitter polish. I’ve worn this glitter a few times and this is definitely my favorite combination so far. It also looks great with hot pink (Sinful Colors 24/7- a combo my hubby loved).


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