CND Blueberry Whip

WHAT a work week this has been….I have been swamped with grading and late grading and all of that fun stuff that comes along with teaching. Anyway, I have photos and photos sitting on my camera and finally got some sorted! CND Blueberry Whip looks exactly like when you eat blueberries in cereal and milk is tinted in the bottom of the bowl. 🙂

These photos have a bit of a yellow tint since I took them late in the day outside! This color is very pale and creamy. It is also one of the first polishes I got when I stopped biting my nails, and the name “Blueberry Whip” is totally sentimental because of my grandparents and spending summers at their camp in the summer.

Here it is with China Glaze White Cap over it. This ended up being really pretty with just the right amount of shimmer, which is difficult to see here thanks to the sun! The application of Blueberry Whip is nice and smooth, and when layering it with another polish it’s easy to get away with one coat.


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