Essie Lights

Lights is from the new summer neon collection, Poppy-Razzi, and it is a simply divine BRIGHT pink! As a girl who has loved pink her entire life (and wanted everything in my bedroom to be pink, which my parents lovingly obliged to with pink walls and bedding), I clearly LOVE this color!

This time I was smart enough to put a layer of white down first to make the pink really pop! I used two coats of Lights over one coat of plain white (by Sinful Colors), and added Seche Vite as a top coat.

Here it is indoors. Sigh…look at my middle nail all long…It broke in half right in the middle and now the whole nail is gone. I knew that if I managed to save the nail I would be wanting to chew it, so it’s best to just remove it. Anyway, I highly recommend Lights! It’s a fun color and more rich than some of the other neon pinks out there.


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