Travel Polish: Decided!

I think I finally narrowed down the polish I am going to bring with my when I visit my parents. Yes, this looks like a lot, but I look at it this way: I have different outfits with me, and I can’t STAND when my polish does not match. Over anything in the “being a girl” realm, I am a clotheshorse! Plus, I am hoping my mom will try out a few of these brighter colors.

Here’s the breakdown:

Butter London Trout Pout – This is a holy grail polish for me. It is definitely one of my favorite polishes ever.

China Glaze For Audrey- Classic Tiffany-style blue. It is not summer without a polish like this one!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Grandma- I have to bring this since it matches my new dress!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Traffic- Yellow=summer. Enough said.

Zoya Charla- This was my first Zoya polish and it is probably my favorite. It is seriously a mermaid in a bottle. I am hoping I can get my mom to go a little crazy and wear this. 🙂

Maybelline Go-Getter Green- I haven’t worn this yet. I found it in a clearance bin at Rite Aid and it reminded me of an Orly polish that I loved earlier this spring. This one was way cheaper than the Orly polish!

The last two polishes are Essie minis and more “safe” colors. I picked these out with my mom in mind. My mom is this totally hot lady who doesn’t even SEE it, so she THINKS she has to wear certain colors, which I think is so not true (sorry, Mom, I exposed you!). Lion Around is the pink polish; it’s kind of a pink nude with some shimmer. Fair Game is a gorgeous bluish gray with some shimmer. I totally underestimated Fair Game. This color is GORGEOUS!

I also picked up a small pack of nail polish remover pads from Old Navy. I would much rather travel with these than a bottle of remover. Even though I got the remover pads because the packaging was so cute (pink leopard), they work well and smell WAY better than the ELF travel pads. From this photo, one might gather that I’m one of those people who brings a TON of stuff with me on vacation, but I’m actually a pretty light packer. I just toss my nail stuff into a little bag and it’s good to go!


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