NPW Nail Polish Remover Pads

I mentioned in my travel polish post that I got some nail polish remover pads from Old Navy, so I thought a review was needed after using them! My first experience with nail polish remover pads was the ELF brand. While ELF has many great cosmetic items, some of their stuff is a major miss, including the nail polish remover pads. Yes, they worked, but they smell TERRIBLE.

Traveling with nail polish remover is a pain, mostly because I don’t want the risk of spilling the remover all over the place and ruining my precious clothes or cute bags. Just ask my hubby: I am notorious for leaving caps half closed or just resting on top of bottles (I know…sickening). That’s just one reason to travel with polish remover pads! Happily, I really liked these!

They are very affordable at $2 for 30 pads. Plus, just look at how cute the packaging is! The package says “fruity fragrance”, and while I assumed this would be disgusting, it isn’t so bad. It doesn’t smell strongly of polish remover either.

As far as performance goes, they get the job done easily and quickly with these, using one pad per hand. Depending on the polish, you might be able to get away with using just one for all ten fingers.

If you like to travel with nail polish remover pads instead of liquid remover, I highly recommend these for their small size, cuteness factor, and ease of use!



One thought on “NPW Nail Polish Remover Pads

  1. I tried one of your polish pads and one pad took a lot of polish off so these go a long way. Good purchase, I will have to look for these next time.

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