Butter London Commemorative Olympic Heavy Medal Collection

Butter London has a new set of polish to commemorate the 2012 Summer Olympics being held in London. This awesome set of nail polish includes gold, silver, and bronze polishes from their regular line: The Full Monty, Diamond Geezer, and The Old Bill. At $36, this set is a good deal since their bottles retail at $14 regular price.

I am thinking about getting this set since I don’t have any colors like it, can get an additional 4% back by using ebates, and have some rewards points to redeem at Ulta! We all know I am a sucker for Butter London, but way before that I LOVED the Olympics! When I was a kid, my aunt had a video tape of the summer 1988 Olympics and I watched Greg Louganis hit his head on that diving board over and over again, hugely inspired that despite his head injury, he ended up with two gold medals! Another obsession: Flo Jo, “the fastest woman in the world”.

I think this set is a fun way to celebrate the Olympics this year. 🙂


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