Essie Lion Around

Here’s a polish that completely surprised me with its gorgeousness: Essie’s Lion Around! This is from the 2011 resort collection. I wore this during my vacation, when I saw my grandma. She didn’t say anything about it, but she despised the American Apparel Neon Green polish on my toes! I think she hated my sandals more though, because she thought they were overpriced and ugly. My grandma is always a spitfire and doesn’t hesitate to spout her opinion, and deep down she is whip smart and doesn’t miss a beat. 🙂

I have the mini version of Lion Around. It’s a lovely pink nude with a slight bit of shimmer. The shimmer is more prominent in the bottle than on the nail. I LOVE this color and was pleasantly surprised by it.

Application was easy and the formula is a little thick. This was almost a one-coater, which I find is rare for pinks.

Also on my vacation, I experienced something new that comes with having longer fingernails, and that has to do with BUG REMOVAL. If you aren’t familiar with wood ticks, they are disgusting little bloodsucking creeps (of course they are creeps: they are related to spiders) and they are all over the place up north. One night after a walk, I was sitting in the car and without thinking about it, reached down to feel my leg. I felt something on it and used my nail to pry it off….when I looked at my nail, there was a TICK under it! If you have ever had a wood tick, the feeling lingers and lingers because they are so creepy, and all night I kept checking my finger and my legs for ticks. Hopefully I didn’t bring any of those nasty things back with me. 🙂


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