Comparison: Butter London Dosh and Wet ‘n’ Wild Twining Vines

This spring, Wet ‘n’ Wild released two limited edition boxed sets at Rite Aid: Flora (warm tones) and Fauna (cool tones). Each box contains a blush, nail polish, lip gloss, and eyeshadow palette. These are limited edition sets (although I did notice the blush was not LE), and the green nail polish is called Twining Vines, which is in the Flora set. I thought Twining Vines looked a lot like Butter London’s Dosh, at least in the bottle, so I decided to do a little comparison.

As you can see, they are not as similar as I thought! The polish on the left is Dosh, and the polish on the right is Twining Vines. On the color wheel, I used two coats of each. Dosh (which is slang for money), was opaque in two coats, while Twining Vines probably needs at least two more coats to be opaque.

Dosh is a little darker and more green (olive), even though it does have some gold sheen and also some shimmer to it. The gold comes out a lot more in Twining Vines.

The differences are more prominent in this photo. Dosh is on the right in this one, and you can see the application is very smooth. Twining Vines does have good application, but the weight of the glitter made the polish slide around more on the color wheel. I don’t see this being an issue on the nail.

At first, I was not impressed by Twining Vines in the bottle, but I actually ended up really loving this color and think it will be gorgeous over some other polishes I have. After reading up about this polish on some beauty blogs, I can tell you that many are reporting that Twining Vines has some major staying power.

Dosh- Well, it’s Butter London! What’s not to love? I LOVE green and Dosh is just an all around amazing polish for people who love green like I do.

Overall, Twining Vines is not a dupe for Butter London’s Dosh, but both polishes are fantastic.


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