Essence What Do You Think?

I just couldn’t bring myself to type the REAL name of this polish in the title of this post…which is What Do U Think? Believe me, most English teachers despise the use of “U”…anyway, this polish is a dupe for Chanel’s Orange Fizz. I really love this color and completely fell in love with it both in the bottle and on the nail!

It is a peachy polish with some gold shimmer. For polish that costs just 99 cents, application on this was great (and I can’t complain since I received this for free). Here it is in full sun. I used two coats.

In the shade you can see the slight pinky tone more. Unfortunately, it was REALLY difficult getting the shimmer to show up in the photos.

Here’s another shot from indoors. All of my indoor shots come out crazy vibrant like this one. The quality compares to the rest of Essence’s polishes. This was a good consistency, if not a little on the thick side.

Update on my dog: He is doing really well and back to normal! He looks worse than he is though. He’s part Chow Chow so his skin is black, which makes it look like he got punched in the face! I’m just happy my handsome pup is okay. 🙂


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