Revlon Velvet Rope

Happy Fourth of July! I love Independence Day, but today is like every other holiday in this past year in that it just doesn’t feel like a holiday. I had to grade papers this morning and other than getting some ice cream and cooking up some fish tacos, our day has been quite uneventful. We did pick up some fireworks for later. I thought it would be appropriate to show another red polish today; this is from the new Revlon Colorstay line and it’s called Velvet Rope. This polish looks to be a bright red in the photos, but it is actually a deeper, darker red than reflected here.

I love how glossy this red is. Application was great, so I can see why this polish is $8 at the drugstore; it is only $5 at places like Target and Walmart, and I believe around $6 at Meijer. Application is very smooth on this polish. I did not buy the Revlon Colorstay top and base coats as I have enough of my own, but the next time I run out, I might give them a try.

In the sunlight it looks like a bright cherry red, but it is not. It’s more of a blood red color, hence the name “Velvet Rope”. That said, the polish is still lighter on the nail than it appears to be in the bottle; at least it was for me. That said, I like this polish a lot and really hope they expand this line in the future. Plus, the bottles aren’t totally 80s like their main line.


2 thoughts on “Revlon Velvet Rope

  1. ooohh I really love this one! I haven’t tried any of the new Relvon Colour Stay nail polishes – but this might be my first one. I can’t resist a gorgeous red nail polish!

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