Butter London Teddy Girl and Essie A Cut Above

Teddy Girl is described as “A pale retro bubblegum pink custom lacquer featured on the catwalk of a top Brit designer for S/S 2011.” This color is similar to OPI Mod About You (which I also like!). I decided to combine it with Essie A Cut Above, which is a special polish for me, because it was the first Essie polish I ever purchased.

Here it is in full sunlight. Teddy Girl went on a little streaky on the first coat, but after three coats, there were no streaks at all and it resulted in this lovely, opaque pink. I love these types of “chalky” pastel colors.

Here it is in the shade, and you can see the Essie glitter a little more. Teddy Girl is so girly and it’s a color that would pass at weddings and at work, but still has enough punch where it isn’t boring. I also think this is a great color for playing with glitter or layering with some nail art, even though I have only done the glitter!

The wear time on this polish is awesome. Even after doing a ton of typing and grading (all on the computer), I didn’t have any tip wear and it was still looking good!


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