Essie Penny Talk

Oh, Penny Talk. I was SO excited for this polish from Essie’s Mirror Metallics line, and I still am. This polish is GORGEOUS! In the bottle it comes across a bit on the brown side, but on the nail this is a beautiful shade of rose gold with a touch of bronze.

This is just ONE coat. I am so excited to wear this polish throughout the fall, especially on my toes! Don’t mind the state of my nails…the middle, ring, thumb, and pinky are all VERY short right now thanks to some broken nails. I swear, one corner gets a little cracked and it’s doomsday. Oh well, they will grow back, right? Anyway, you can kind of see here what I mean about the bottle versus the nail.

Here it is in some brighter sunlight. My application doesn’t look very smooth, but I think this is a base coat issue. The actual application of the polish is very smooth, and like I said, just one coat! Penny Talk is the only polish I purchased from the Mirror Metallics line, as it was the most interesting to me and the prettiest of the bunch.


2 thoughts on “Essie Penny Talk

  1. I picked up two and I was choosing between that one, No Place Like Chrome, and Blue Rhapsody. I picked the other two, but I love them both, so next time I see Penny Talk, I need to pick it up!

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