Butter London Lady Muck Versus China Glaze Sea Spray

I have read on so many blogs that China Glaze Sea Spray is a Dupe for Butter London’s Lady Muck. Of course I didn’t realize this until I had both of them, so I figured why not compare the two here, even though it has been done before! Personally, I love both of these polishes and am especially attached to Sea Spray for a few reasons: 1- It was my very first China Glaze polish. 2- It’s what my grandma called a “horrendous color”, which inspired this blog. 3- This color reminds me of Lake Superior.

Here are both colors in full sun (as were the bottle shots). Lady Muck is on the left and Sea Spray is on the right. The immediate difference, particularly if you’re looking at them up close, is the finish. Lady Muck has more micro glitter, whereas Sea Spray has a very light sheen but no glitter.

Here it is in the sun again; they look a lot more similar here! Sea Spray is on the left, and Lady Muck is on the right. These colors tend to be shape shifters depending on the light, but overall Sea Spray is a lot more gray, while Lady Muck leans blue with a touch of gray at times.

This indoors shot is a little blurry, and again they look pretty similar. This shot shows the shade difference, which is more prominent in real life. Lady Muck is darker than Sea Spray.

I like both of these polishes. They have great application and each one lasts a long time.


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