Illamasqua Faithful

Needless to say, I have been super busy for the last five days. First I visited my sister, and since I got home I’ve been spending all of my time working. I’m glad to finally have a chance to show off some polish! Illamasqua Faithful is a gorgeous polish from their Naked Strangers collection. My swatches don’t do this polish any justice either.

Of course when my nails start to grow back another breaks (the index) and the ring finger nail is missing half of it. Sigh…anyway, I HAVE to keep my nails painted or I will bite. The urge is not gone! Onto the polish- Faithful is a very complex and pretty color. It’s a brown creme base with touches of copper shimmer, but there also appears to be a bit of gold micro glitter too. Depending on the light, this polish changes. Sometimes it looks a bit bronze. It is a WONDERFUL polish because of how unique the color is. If you like Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Georgia On My Mind collection but can’t afford it, this is a nice alternative to Ghost, even though they aren’t quite the same (definitely not dupes).

This is my second Illamasqua polish and just like this first, application is perfect! I believe this color is limited edition, and I purchased mine from Sephora.


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