Essie Spinning Again

Here’s a polish I am really excited about! Don’t let it fool you; although it looks like just plain red, this isn’t the average red polish. Unfortunately, it was difficult to capture the true color on camera! This is Essie’s Spinning Again, which is from the Yogaga collection. I knew there were two more colors from just the four I originally saw at Walgreens, but hadn’t seen them. When I did, it was love at first sight with Spinning Again!

Described as a “driven brick red” by Essie, this color is definitely “brick red”, but lighter than what you see here. This shot is in shaded natural light, and it looks quite dark. It’s lighter in person. I would describe it as a “burnt red”. If you ever had the giant box of Crayons, this polish seems like it would have a touch of Burnt Sienna in it.

Here it is in full sun. For fall, this is the perfect red tone. This makes me want fall to be here NOW! 🙂 Application on this polish was very good. If applied carefully, you can easily get away with one coat, but I used two plus a top and base coat.


One thought on “Essie Spinning Again

  1. I love shimmer polishes, but sometimes a creme red just can’t be beat! So striking & def. a classic that pops!

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