Nicole By OPI: Coral Denominator

I am SO excited about this polish! I say that all the time, but I just can’t help it…I’m an excitable person and have always been that way. Anyway, I have a beautiful polish today called Coral Denominator. Funnily enough, this is from the Justin Beiber collection that was exclusive to Canada. How did I end up with it? It was at Marshall’s in a double polish pack.

Coral Denominator is a beautiful coral/pink full of gold shimmer. It has a bit of a glassy finish. Application is very easy and smooth (it looks terrible on my middle finger; that nail is slanted because the side broke). I read on some nail blogs that people had trouble with opacity, but this was just three coats for me, which is doable.

Like other polishes that have a lot of shimmer, clean up is kind of a pain, but no way is that a deal breaker for me. This polish definitely sky-rocketed in terms of my favorite pinks; it was love at first sight! It reminds me of a darker, deeper version of NARS Super Orgasm blush/polish/everything-else-NARS-makes.

Also spotted at Marshall’s recently: Essie polish for $4 and Jessica polish in multi-packs for I believe $10. I didn’t pick up any of these, but the double packs of Nicole by OPI are $7 for two polishes, which is a great bargain!


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