Nubar Jewel

Nubar Jewel is one of the most interesting polishes I have. It is a brown, nearly bronze holographic polish packed full of rainbow holo glitter. Let me tell you now that my pictures don’t do this polish any justice whatsoever. It is simply gorgeous, and even prettier in person!

The formula on this polish is easy to use and very smooth; when it dries, the polish is a bit gritty because of the glitter. This is remedied with a thick top coat. In the sun, this polish REALLY sparkles and the rainbow element of the glitter is very prominent. You can sort of see this on the bottle.

Again, the rainbow starts to come out here. Jewel is from the Nubar Prisms collection, so there are many more colors available. It is listed for $10 on Nubar’s website, but I got mine from Amazon for less. Nubar is cruelty-free and vegan, too!


2 thoughts on “Nubar Jewel

  1. Beautiful 🙂 Amazon is a great place to get polish deals- it’s where I buy a lot of mine when I’m looking for a specific color. I also keep an eye out on eBay for good lots!

    Nubar is one of my favorite brands of polishes- their shimmers can’t be beat!

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