OPI Royal Rajah Ruby

OPI’s India line came out in 2008; Royal Rajah Ruby is one of those amazing colors (Moon Over Mumbai is also from that collection). I know I’ve mentioned having a love of Indian culture before, which is just one reason I love the India polishes! Since the weather is FINALLY cooling off and feeling more like fall, I’ve been alternating between dark and light colors lately. Onto the polish!

Royal Rajah Ruby is a blackened red polish, very rich in tone. It has some shimmer to it and application is flawless. It quite literally just glides on to the nail. It also lasts a long time, even for someone like me who types quite a bit for my job.  This is two coats, but you could probably get away with one.

It isn’t the most unique color in the world, but it is stunning, and in the sunlight the shimmer is gorgeous. There are a lot of reflections in this photo- I swear that isn’t polish chipping off! If you like wine/burgundy/blackened red colors, you will most likely love this one.



One thought on “OPI Royal Rajah Ruby

  1. That’s awesome that you like the Indian culture =) I am West Indian which differs from East Indian but there are many similarities! I love this colour as well

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