Review: CND Solar Oil

I have been using CND Solar Oil on my nails and cuticles, and really love the result. I actually purchased this oil in February and just now started using it on a regular basis (no idea why). At the time it was the dead of winter so I wanted something springy and summer; this smells like almonds and is incredibly soft and conditioning.

The bottle contains .25 fluid ounces and ranges in the $8-$10 range; I paid $9 for my bottle, and on Ulta’s website it is $7.50. The brush application makes it very easy to apply to the nails and cuticles, and you don’t need a lot to get the job done! Also, I really like how the oil sinks into the skin and doesn’t slide all over the place. I’ve used some oil products (leg oil and such) that slides everywhere, which I can’t stand because then oil gets all over clothes, fabric, and furniture.

The almond scent of the oil is very natural and slightly sweet, but not overpowering.

Ulta describes CND Solar Oil with this blurb: “Called a ”manicure in a bottle,” this blend of three natural oils and vitamin E serves double duty as both a nail strengthener and conditioner, as well as a cuticle softener.”

Even though the skin will absorb the oil, there will likely be some oil that needs to be cleaned up. This isn’t a problem for bedtime application, and it’s a good chance to condition the nails.

Overall, I really like this oil and am going to continue using it nightly in an effort to strengthen my nails and keep my cuticles in check. Hopefully this will lead to healthier hands and prettier fingers!

Are there any other cuticle oils out there that are must haves?


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