OPI Don’t Talk Bach To Me

This polish has the best name ever! Don’t Talk Bach to me is from the new OPI Germany collection. This was the polish I wanted the most out of the collection; when I didn’t see it in my area, I ordered it online. THEN of course when it was in transit, I saw it in person! Oh well. It’s here, and it’s lovely!

As you can see, this is a bit of an ugly pretty color. When the original promo shots came out of the colors, I totally expected this to be yellow, but it is a bit of a green/yellow shape shifter depending on the light and skin tone! Application is flawless with this polish, and you could easily get away with one coat. I used two plus a top coat.

Sorry this shot is so blurry! I took a shot in the shade just on a last second whim. You can really see how it leans green here! One reason I wanted this polish is just for the name. I was a music minor in college and one of my first classes we heavily covered some Bach compositions! 🙂

Did you get anything from the Germany collection?


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