Megan Miller Collection Caribbean

This summer, Wet ‘n’ Wild had a limited edition collection for the Fourth of July called Sparks and Stripes  that consisted of several glitters. I picked up one called Light with Caution, which is a lovely pink mixed with gold. I paired it with Caribbean, a gorgeous teal jelly from the Megan Miller Collection. Caribbean is what I wanted Revlon’s Sheer Seafoam to be (more on that later).

There’s some tip wear in these shots, and the shots aren’t very good, but I wanted to show the ultimate outcome since it was a very pretty manicure despite poor photos! I thought these two were perfect together; I’ll definitely use this polish for some more jelly sandwiches, because it is PERFECT for it!

This glitter is really lovely and not annoying to put on. I did have trouble with layering Caribbean at the tips (clearly!). That definitely needs to be fixed next time! I have worn Caribbean on its own, and it’s a great jelly.

One more thing- I started a beauty blog too! You can check it out here. I’ve been into pretty much anything girly my entire life: dresses, makeup, shoes, purses….I would live in a pink castle decked out with ruffles if I could. 😀 Thanks in advance if you check it out!


3 thoughts on “Megan Miller Collection Caribbean

  1. This is REALLY pretty. I have not checked out her polishes. The bottles are just too darn cute! Is storing them a problem?

    • No, I don’t have an issue with storage. I thought about that too, but they are sturdy and fit just fine with the others (I have a storage cube to keep my polish in).

      • I keep my polishes in a storage unit on casters. I need something different so I can see what I have. ATM I am just testing the polishes I have and I hope by the time I am done I will have a better and more clear set-up.

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