Quilt Show Madness Week Haul

Holy cow, peeps! I am SO tired right now from going to the quilt show. There’s a statement I NEVER thought I would say, but it’s true! My mom is really into quilting and sewing, so we went to the AQS Quilt Show with my aunt. We had tickets for two days and like I said after the first day, I feel like I was staring into a kaleidoscope for hours. It was VERY fun, even though I can’t sew very well and definitely can’t quilt. Anyway, while with my mom I got a few nail goodies, so I decided to do a haul post and include a few other things I recently purchased!

1. – Zoya Blogger Collection from Birchbox- This set is only sold by Birchbox and I’m not sure how long it will be available, so I decided to get it while it was available. It has three colors; Coraline, Kate, and Belle. They are meant to be worn together in combinations. Kate is my favorite from the swatches I’ve seen.

2. Picture Polish Orbit- This is supposedly a decent dupe for Essie’s Starry Starry Night.

3. NCLA Hello, I Love You!- This was a steal from Little Black Bag, which is a subscription service where you can pay $50 a month and choose an item that is worth more than that retail, and then you get two “surprises” which you are free to trade for other products before deciding on the final bag. I have been intrigued by the concept for such a long time, and when they had a 50% off deal, I finally decided to bite. Since this polish retails for $16 or so, I definitely got a bargain with the entire bag.

4. Palladio Flexi-Strong Ridge Filler- This was at Sally’s and was 50% off the clearance price! Since I love ridge filler I picked this up while with my mom. I had to laugh because after all of that quilt show excitement she was on MY turf, the beauty store. 😉

5. Poshe Cuticle Care – Just a cuticle cream; so far, so good. It’s very soft and silky! Another amazing clearance find at Sally’s.

6. Cynthia Rowley Glitter Polish- These glitters are SO pretty. I got this from Marshall’s at the end of the day when we were all tired from the quilt show.

I’m obsessed with glitter right now after my last post/manicure, and can’t wait to play with these new polishes!


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