Revlon Popular

I just can’t help but post the video to this song by Nada Surf. Every time I look at Popular by Revlon, I think of this song with the same namesake! Obviously, I LOVED this song when I was in high school. “If you’ll just listen to my plan: the teenage guide to popularity!”

Popular is a lovely pale pink infused with fine silver glitter, as well as large silver glitter. I didn’t think this would apply well, but was pleasantly surprised by how opaque it is, and that the glitter doesn’t get in the way of the application whatsoever.

This is three coats; with two there was just the slightest hint of visible nail line, and that was with a good coverage ridge filler for the base coat. Another day of bad looking cuticles; I thought that this issue would go away once I stopped biting my nails, but sometimes my hands just get super dry and the skin cracks around my nails. Definitely need to remedy this with some pampering!

Anyway- This is probably the most random post ever here, but back to the original subject: Popular is  BEAUTIFUL polish and an absolute must have for people who love pink like I do!


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