Illamasqua Glory

Illamasqua Glory is a polish I would not have picked out on my own. It came with August’s Glossybox. I knew Glossybox was doing Illamasqua this month, so I was very excited! At first I thought, “How boring; silver”, then I decided to spice it up with some glitter and I REALLY like it!

This sparkles so much that it was impossible to get a good shot in the sunshine. I used Glory as the base and it went on perfectly; it is also a one-coater which is a great surprise! Then I put a light coat of OPI’s Crown Me Already (the best polish name ever), and one other coat of Sally Hansen Strobe Light. It is so pretty and sparkly and definitely gave me a mood lift, since I’m having MORE CAR PROBLEMS (oil leak).
Anyway, I can’t wait to play with Glory some more, especially with more glitter polishes!


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