Finger Paints Fall of Surprises

Finger Paints Fall of Surprises is a beautiful rusty autumnal glitter, composed of small and large pieces. It is very dense, so with one application you are likely good to go depending on how you apply your polish. This color basically defines fall and all of the lovely orange shades that accompany it. I decided to layer it over Essie’s Dive Bar.

This is after a couple days of wear; I am so into dark polish with bright glitter right now, and this was definitely fall appropriate! That said, I don’t think Dive Bar is Fall of Surprises’ perfect match, but I still like the combination. Dive Bar is just such a chameleon on its own (sometimes blue, sometimes green).

The application of this glitter is very smooth, and I only needed one layer of top coat (I used Sally Hansen Diamond Flash) to finish it up, and that is not a very thick top coat compared to what I normally use (Nubar Diamont).

I found Fall of Surprises at Sally’s; there’s a similar polish out right now by Orly, but this one is a few bucks cheaper and just as pretty. 🙂



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