Nails, Inc. Hampstead Gardens

My favorite colors to wear in the fall are mustard yellow, navy blue, and burgundy. This mustard yellow from Nails, Inc. is just perfect for the season!

I have two polishes by Nails, Inc., and this is the first of the two that I have worn. The application was flawless and this could easily be a one-coater, even though I used two for maximum coverage. This is probably one of the best formulas I’ve ever used.

The color is simply amazing. It is the perfect mustard shade. Not too light, just dark enough, and totally fall! I also love how mustard looks with a black and white outfit; it just POPS! Also, I cannot wait to wear this polish with a new dress that I have- it’s navy blue with some red and yellow hearts all over it (from Target). I bought a mustard cardigan to go with the ensemble (Mom, I finally got a different colored cardigan!) and can’t wait to wear it!


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