Sally Hansen Pumice

Pumice is a lovely greenish gray color that I walked by SO many times at Target, picked it up, then put it down. I finally ended up purchasing it over the weekend and absolutely adore the shade!

Please don’t mind the poor quality here; there’s a big chip on my thumb and I’m not sure what happened to the index finger! Plus, my nails are quite short right now! I broke two nails and since the others looked absurd being longer, I just filed them down. I’m not worried about it since they will grow just fine in time for my sister’s wedding. Anyway, Pumice is a lovely color and if you like greens like I do, you will probably like this one!

The verdict is also in on the dress I’m wearing: it’s the taupe one with the birds, the one I had in mind the whole time. I found shoes (taupe wedges), but now I need to find a cardigan to go with it!



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