OPI Russian Navy

Russian Navy is one of those classic OPI colors that is a must have! Not only is it navy blue, it also has veins of pink (more like fuschia) running throughout. I wore this polish all weekend, and it’s a lovely shade for fall.

The pink is not as prominent on the nail; only when it hits the light just right. This is a very rich polish in terms of color. I used two coats, and the application was just right. You could probably get away with just one thicker coat.

Here it is in slightly darker lighting (natural light, but not full sun). If you don’t have a navy blue polish, this is the one to get! It is unique and still classic all at the same time.

And speaking of navy blue, I am FINALLY done getting my bridesmaid outfit together. This is an outdoor wedding and it’s extremely small, and my sister said I could wear whatever I wanted. I know I’ve rambled on about this already, but I just felt like a typical satiny dress was just not outdoorsy, and it’s definitely not my sister’s style (getting her to try on dresses was like pulling teeth…she just isn’t very bride-y).

This is what I’m wearing (minus accessories). The tights are navy and the wedges are the exact same color as the dress, even though they look darker! There are also some clear sequins on the top of the sweater which I wasn’t the biggest fan of, but they actually don’t clash with the rest of it. I think this will be a good match for the theme of the wedding, and I’ll look like “me” if that makes sense! 🙂


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