China Glaze Harvest Moon

Hey peeps! Forgive the oddly shaped photo; a friend sent this to me earlier today from her phone. This is where my sister is getting married on Saturday! Isn’t it pretty? Things seem to be falling into place, happily. I love weddings and am really excited for her. Fitting in with the fall theme, I have a lovely fall colored polish to show you today!

Harvest Moon is from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection released in…March, I believe. I never got into the hype about HG. I read the first book, saw the movie…both were okay, but I’m not a fan girl. I am a huge fan of this color though. How perfect is this for fall?

This is two coats plus a top coat. This polish glides on evenly. One thing I noticed is that at the end of the nail, on the side, it tends to slide a bit, which makes it a bit tricky to paint on some nails. I had this problem on my pinky nail, but it’s probably just the way my nails are shaped.

Do you have Harvest Moon, or any of the other Hunger Games polishes?


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