Butter London Two-Fingered Salute

I have an awesome polish to show you today! This is from one of the Nordstrom-exclusive shades, and it’s called “Two-Fingered Salute.” This is the British version of the middle finger (which I only know because of my husband). This polish is very unique to anything else I have, and funnily enough, it made me really sentimental when I applied it.

Me & Bapa

I grew up in an area that used to heavily mine for copper. Because of that there are a lot of old mine shafts around, and when I was a kid, it was fairly easy to find copper on the road. My grandfather (Bapa) used to take me on walks looking for copper. When it’s just sitting on the ground and mixed with rocks, copper develops a very pretty patina over time that is a turquoise/green color, and you can see glints of copper peeking out of it. That is exactly what this polish reminds me of. My Bapa passed away two years ago this month at 93, but I miss him every day. We were very close and I spent tons of time with him and my grandma (yes, the woman who inspired this blog) when I was little, and as I got older. Anyway, if you are ever looking for copper on an old dirt road, just think of this polish! 😉

As you can see, this polish is green with copper flakes inside of it. I LOVE this polish. This is two coats. It is thicker than most BL formulas, but the finish is still lovely.

I think this polish is really unique, and for me it is a must have!


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