China Glaze Neons on the Shore for Summer 2013…Already!?

I can’t believe my eyes that there’s word of China Glaze’s summer collection set to release six months from now, in April 2013. Still, I had to share! Just look at these colors:

  • Are You Jelly? – Bold Purple (Jelly)
  • Bottoms Up – Pink with a Purple Kick (Crème)
  • Heat Index – Neon Hot Pink (Jelly)
  • Neon & On & On – Neon Pink (Crème)
  • Shell-O – Neon Coral (Jelly)
  • Highlight Of My Summer – Bright Mint Green (Crème)
  • Isle See You Later – Neon Blue (Jelly)
  • Keepin’ it Teal – Bright Turquoise (Jelly)
  • Sun of a Peach – Neon Orange (Crème)
  • That’s Shore Bright – Light Lilac Purple (Crème)
  • Too Yacht to Handle – Bright Aqua (Crème)
  • You Drive Me Coconuts – Neon Raspberry (Jelly)

Do you see all of the jellies??? These colors don’t look very unique in the promo image, but after seeing the descriptions, I am intrigued with all of these jelly polishes!


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