Zoya Isla and Butter London West End Wonderland

Another dreary and cloudy day over here! It has been dark and rainy for the last three days. Yuck! Anyway, I’m perking up my mood with a very Christmas-y manicure. I know it’s only October, but I just can’t help myself!

Zoya Isla is a beautiful metallic red. The formula on this is fantastic, and I only used one coat. I layered it with Butter London West End Wonderland, which is a gold glitter that I got from Coterie, a new daily deal type of website that is supposed to be like HauteLook. Honestly, I wasn’t that excited about it since the deals don’t seem that great. The only reason I purchased the BL shades is because I got three shades, plus a top coat for only $16 (which included shipping). I had the $25 coupon code, so it was quite the steal! Anyway, I love West End Wonderland, but don’t see myself using Coterie again.

I did not get the greatest photos of this polish, so my shots do not give these great polishes justice! I’m blaming the gloomy outdoors for this one. 😉 Both polishes have wonderful application and this was pretty much the easiest manicure ever. I LOVE how these colors look together. Very holiday!


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